"Single-leg work is really valuable for a whole host of reasons. Knowing that single-leg work is important isn’t enough, though, as I see exercise enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike absolutely butchering the technique on these exercises. Optimal progress is dependent on population-specific exercise selection, pristine technical execution, and pinpoint exercise progressions - and this is where Mike really shines with this product.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, bodybuilder, powerlifter, runner with knee pain, desk jockey with a bad back, or just some random dude who wants to get stronger, move better, and be just a little more awesome, I’d highly encourage you to check out The Single-Leg Solution."

Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS

Owner of Cressey Performance

“Let me first start by saying I have never given an endorsement to any product when I was only part way through reviewing the material…until now!

I just finished reading The Single-Leg Solution manual by Mike Robertson. I haven’t even opened the DVD case yet and I must be honest - I don’t even need to to share my honest opinion of his product. The best compliment I can give is that I am now re-writing my single leg training protocol.

I have always been a big fan of single leg training and have done very well with it for my clients. But after reading The Single-Leg Solution and gaining valuable insight as to why Mike uses the progressions he does I would be a fool to not change my current system. Not only will I change my progressions of single leg training but Mike also made me re-think and evaluate how I will approach bilateral leg training. His research regarding how unilateral and bilateral leg training has a direct impact on multi-directional speed is eye opening.

I have always been a big Mike Robertson fan and the work he has done on The Single-Leg Solution is exactly why. Great Job Mike!”

Lee Taft, President of Sports Speed Etc.

"As a strength coach I've been using single leg progressions in my programs for a long time. And having read almost everything Mike has ever written I figured that there wasn't going to be much in the way of Mike's progressions that I hadn't seen before.

Boy was I wrong!

Mike's offset and anterior loading progressions are spectacular and the ordering of his progressions have forced me to go back and revise all of my single leg programming.

If you think you know everything you need to know about single leg training you're dead wrong. Anyone that is serious about increasing mobility, stability, and performance in their lower body needs to pick up this product!"

Mark Young, President of Mark Young Training Systems

"Mike Robertson is among the 1% of Strength Coaches in the world. Rare is the combination of intelligence, insight, instincts and a true altruisim that keeps him searching for more, so he can help more. This product is exactly what I would have expected coming from him.

To not have this information from this man is to not want to become the best professional you can be."

Brian Grasso, President of the International Youth Conditioning Association

I just finished reviewing the Single Leg Solution product and I would highly recommend it.

With the current propaganda that is permeating the fitness industry over whether or not bilateral leg exercises have any value in modern day strength programs, Mike gives a very objective viewpoint on the topic. Instead of looking at it from an either or perspective, he looks at from the angle in which all things related to strength and conditioning should be viewed--on a continuum and whether or not an exercise is pertinent to a client/athlete’s goal.

Once again, Mike has put out another informative, high quality product.”

Joe Dowdell, CSCS
Founder & Co-Owner of Peak Performance and Author of the Ultimate You

"The Single-Leg Solution really is the Ultimate guide to single-leg movements. Mike Robertson details what compensations to look for during single-leg movements, and teaches you how to correct many of the issues we see in our athletes and clients everyday. He also emphasizes the need for regressions as well as progressions.

In the DVD and manual Mike goes through many regressions and progressions that will allow you to optimize your (and your clients) training for maximal strength and injury prevention. No matter if you are a weekend warrior looking to increase your lower body lifts, or a trainer/strength coach that wants to keep your athletes healthy and injury-free, the Single-Leg Solution is a no brainer to add to your training collection."

Kevin Larrabee

Producer of "The Fitcast" and strength coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

It goes without saying that Mike Robertson has hit yet another "home-run"
with The Single Leg Solution.

As a fitness professional myself, I've always felt that one of my main jobs is to show people what the need to do, not what they want to do. For this reason alone, I feel this product is invaluable. While most trainees (and trainers for that matter) are quick to disregard single leg training - deeming them too wimpy or "a waste of time," - I don't think it's out of the ordinary to say that it's one of (if not the most) neglected part of program design altogether.

As such, Mike has produced one of the most comprehensive, informative, and user friendly guides on single leg training I've ever come across. Heck, it's the ONLY product of its kind I've ever seen, which is saying something!

Whether you're a strength coach training elite athletes, a personal trainer training weekend warriors, or a fitness enthusiast just trying to take their performance to the next level, I'd highly recommend giving The Single Leg Solution a try.

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT
Co-Founder Cressey Performance

Mike -

I train athletes from all levels - youth, high school and college. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see someone not only advocate single-leg exercise use and concepts, but create a product that delivers in all aspects.

Your single-leg methods are very easy to implement right away. We have noticed a great response in our athletes to some of the new tools given by your theories. Thanks for the great product!


Brad Leshinske BS CSCS
Athletic Edge Sports Performance
North Park University adjunt professor


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