Hi, my name is Mike Robertson. Iím a strength coach, personal trainer, and gym owner in Indianapolis, Indiana. Iíve worked in all the various settings within the fitness industry: rehab, personal training, strength coaching, etc.

I created the Single-Leg Solution because I wasnít happy with the answers I was getting on single-leg training. I heard some people say they didnít use them at all. At the other end of the spectrum, others were using only single-leg exercises in their programming.

I didnít buy either option.

As I started reviewing the scientific literature, attending seminars, and listening to what some of the best coaches in the world were doing, I began to realize how powerful single-leg training can be.

But only if you perform the exercises correctly, and within a rational progression.

As a trainer, coach, and athlete myself, Iíve tried to ask a lot of the tough questions about training. I not only want to know why I do something, but how it will benefit me as well.

Maybe more importantly, I want to know that Iím doing it right.

Unfortunately, many trainers, coaches and athletes have no clue how single-leg training should fit into their programming. They donít understand how you should progress, and often arbitrarily just throw exercises into a program.

It canít work this way.

My good friend Alwyn Cosgrove uses the analogy that exercise is like a drug. You need the right drug, in the right dose, at the right time.

Exercise and single-leg training are no different.

You need to find an appropriate exercise, prescribe an appropriate amount of sets and reps, and then, perhaps most importantly, execute the exercise correctly.

If youíre unsure about any of this, the Single-Leg Solution can help you answer a lot of the questions that Iíve asked myself over the last 10 years.

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